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Leo Geneser

My name is Leo Geneser. I recently graduated from Marquette University with majors in Digital Media and History. I was born in Chicago but raised in the surrounding suburbs. I am currently exploring multiple options after graduation. I have recently accepted an offer to Wake Forests' Documentary Film Program, and I am currently looking for summer work in the Milwaukee or Chicago areas. I am searching for work in corporate or social media, and also interested in videography, production assistance, and gaffing.

- Creativity and hard work are, among other things, the foundation of my skills.
- Extensive experience with film, sound, and lighting equipment such as C-stands, floppies, lights, wires, and a camera crane.
- Experience operating an EVA, DSLR, ENG Camcorder, &
Sony A7.
- Knowledgeable with several Adobe editing programs like Premiere, Audition, and Lightroom.
- Capable of using sound equipment and mics.
- Able to take well-shot photos and videos with a variety of cameras.
- Very good communication skills to brainstorm and discuss various options when planning projects, and problem-solving when such situations arise.
- Responsible for planning, capturing, editing, and posting social media content for Marquette Esports Club.
- Familiar with Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, Po

Time Line of Class and Project Experience

Spring 2021 | DGMD Course 2205: Intro to Digital Media Production

Fall 2021 | DGMD Course 3250: Editing Techniques

Fall 2021 | DGMD Course 3270: Short Film Production

Spring 2022 | DGMD Course 4953: Virtual Production (UE5 beginner course)

Spring 2022 | I Know and Guy (Short Film): Production Assistant & Extra

Summer 2022 | Diffraction (Feature Film): Key Grip

Fall 2022 | Project Return (Corporate Fundraiser): Cinematographer

Fall 2022 | Death Chess (Short Film): Key Grip and Secondary Sound

Fall 2022 | Esports Media Day: Cinematographer

Spring 2022 | DGMD Course 3220 (Sound Design): Podcast Editing & Diffraction Sound Design

Spring 2022 | DGMD Course 3999 (APP) Group Drywall's You’ve Been Here: Cinematographer

Spring 2022 | DGMD Course 3999 (APP) Group Gabagool's Last Night at Albanese's: Producer

Summer 2023 | Bad For Me (Short Film): Gaffer

Fall 2023 | Marquette Hype 2023 Showcase: Cinematographer, Photographer, & Editor

Fall 2023 | The Near West Side Partnership Event: Cinematographer & Secondary Editor

Fall & Winter 2023 | DGMD Course Capstone: Film Pitching & Cinematographer

Fall & Winter 2023 | From the Hair to the Soul (Documentary Film): Cinematographer

Fall 2023 - May 2 | Marquette Esports: Social Media Manager

Spring 2024 | Blue & Gold Ventures Commercial (Commercial): Production Assistant

Spring 2024 | Marquette University Lacrosse: Camera Operator

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